• Get to know colleagues
  • Improve team effectiveness
  • Learn new techniques

A very flexible, tailored activity that puts getting to know colleagues centre stage. It can run stand-alone or alongside one of our other options.

Ever since we have been offering team building, we’ve been asking clients “what do you want to achieve”.

And ever since we’ve been asking that, clients have been answering “to get to know one another better”. Each of our options can do that, but this one has been designed specifically for it!

Getting to know colleagues, enjoyable learning!

Attributes is great with the smallest of groups, yet also brilliant with even the largest of groups. We facilitate enjoyable individual and team learning by combining our in-depth understanding of personal attributes with our fun approach.

This is no examination with invigilators, pens and tests. Think of it rather like folding a piece of paper. We keep organising the whole group until we end up with small groups of people with like attributes.

Attributes is a collection of elements that we choose from to ensure the perfect fit to any given client’s needs. For those with a little more time, we include some elements that introduce your people to new techniques that they’ll enjoy learning, want to use and find that it makes a difference back where it counts - in the workplace.

Attributes can offer a full day's team building or be integrated within a busy agenda to deliver great energisers throughout your programme just when you need them.

Our fun and insightful descriptors help participants in getting to know colleagues better. And teams take away useful tips that help them to be more effective.

Small group team building enjoyment and learning about themselves and getting to know colleagues at the same time


  • Size: Any group size, great with small and large groups alike
  • Time: Very flexible, from 15 minutes to a whole day
  • Venue: Completely mobile, can run entirely indoors but can also take advantage of venue grounds and good weather, can use extra space (but not required)


Large group Attributes session
Attributes small team session
Getting an insight into team member strengths
Get to know colleagues up close and personal in an Attributes session