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Global Team Building

All of our online options are suitable for hybrid and fully remote teams

Our world-leading online team building activities for virtual teams have their own brand - Global Team Building - and their own web site:

Below, we show some of our online activities. Click on any of the images to go through to the main site to see more.


An online treasure hunt ... that's also an online scavenger hunt ... that's also part "Escape Room" as well. A choice of fabulous 3D scenes makes this our most popular activity and an ideal option for any geographically-spread team. Great fun with as much (or as little) team learning as best fits your needs.

See more on our MiniScavenge page.


MiniTreasure is a web page that thinks it is a treasure hunt. And it’s right! A fantastic, huge cartoon street literally sets the scene. You can zoom in and out of the scene to fantastic detail while tracking down the answers to our fabulously varied clues.

See more on our MiniTreasure page.

Space Rescue

A challenging simulation set in the near future. Teams tackle a wide variety of tasks as they help a stricken commercial spaceship. Think Apollo 13 and you are halfway there. Participants quickly immerse themselves and work as a team to get the crew home safely.

See more on our Space Rescue page.


Part collaborative and part competitive, VirtuWall is our flagship online activity. Offering a fabulous mix of fun and learning, it offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for participants to join in and a tailored approach that makes it relevant to the teams taking part.

See more on our VirtuWall page.