About Us - A team building company like no other

Who we are

Formed in 1992, we’re a family-owned and family-run team building company that cares about quality and client satisfaction. Our activities are developed by us, run by us and uniquely capable of mixing participant enjoyment with team, departmental and organisational improvement.

Our Approach

When we started, we were a learning and development company. Our approach from the outset was that our participants need to be awake if they are to gain any benefit. So we created a number of activity resources to help us make our sessions come alive.

Our clients liked them so much that they started to ask us to use them for stand-alone events such as corporate away days, conferences and other team building sessions. And when enough of them did that, we thought we would see if other organisations were interested as well.

To say that we were delighted with the response is a massive understatement. Within a few short months, we became first and foremost a team building company.

Not Just Team Bonding

Team building – not simply team bonding. There will always be a place for spending money on your people just for fun. You could just take your people to the pub, the race track, a kart circuit etc. That’s bonding.

If you want to increase their effectiveness long term, you need the session to have genuine parallels with what they do in the workplace as well as being fun. To be able to uncover better ways of working. That is where we come in.  We’re a team building company, not just a team bonding one.

Fun and Challenging

Our simulations mix enjoyment and challenge in equal measure. Tackling our challenges requires the same kind of skill sets and team approaches that your people need at work. So individual and team learning is relevant and effective.

Sometimes we are asked to run sessions purely for fun. More commonly, clients are looking to also make a real difference back in the real world.

Our client list is impressive. From small organisations to household names. We work in the public, private and charity sectors. We work nationally and internationally. We have partners and associates in Europe and North America delivering our unique team building sessions to our exacting standards.

We think we are a team building company like no other.  And we’re delighted to say that our clients agree. See our testimonials to get a flavour for what people think of what we do and how we do it.