• Corporate and branded
  • Naturally collaborative
  • Tailored
  • High energy
  • Varied and inclusive

A theatrical opening draws you in. The stunning centrepiece is a giant cube and it has your imagery on all its faces. But it’s more than a centrepiece. It's the hub of a collaborative team building activity that is truly best in class.

As part of the theatrical opening, we take your giant cube apart. Between them, your teams will earn back the 64 smaller cubes that are the building blocks of your centrepiece.  As they earn them, they rebuild your cube. To earn the cubes, a smorgasbord of tasks await each team. Some they tackle in isolation, some need cross-team collaboration. It’s how you want your organisation to function.

Collaborative team building, great energy & great buzz!

Cube is high on impact, corporate imagery and participant involvement. A collaborative team building activity at its core, yet with the full-on energy of a competitive event.

  • Fundamentally collaborative – everyone shares a common goal
  • Thoroughly engaging – something for everyone
  • Great buzz from start to finish
  • High energy – teams compete to contribute the most to the common goal
  • Creates teams out of individuals
  • Fun and challenging for your participants
  • Rewarding for your organisation

We've such a variety of tasks, there’s something for everyone - so everyone joins in, everyone enjoys themselves. People choose which tasks they tackle, so nothing is compulsory and people get to use thir own strengths.

Conference organisers are among Cube’s biggest fans. Collaborative team building, corporate imagery, tailored and it builds on your key messages. Brilliant!

Collaborative team building starts with a the theatrical opening


  • Size: Best with large groups, 50+ people - no upper limit
  • Time: From 90 minutes to 2 days
  • Venue: Completely mobile, can run entirely indoors but can also take advantage of venue grounds and good weather, requires extra space for physical activities


Team tackling our "Walk the plank" collaboratibve team building challenge
Indoor collaborative team building action
Caterpillar Alley is always a favourite and show collaborative team building at its best
Platoon Bridge challenges every team