• Sales & customer service focus
  • Practical & hands-on
  • Challenges a variety of skills
  • Fun finale

Dropzone offers real team building for sales people experience with a customer focus that helps develop frontline staff.

We’ll organise your group into teams competing to win a contract for a specialist piece of equipment to go into what the prospect calls their "dropzone".

Based around best practice sales methodology, teams engage in real sales effort, customer service, presentations and have to build a working prototype as well! They earn points by tackling key tasks set along the way. Only one team can win.

Team building for sales people and customer service staff

To succeed, a team needs to handle the prospective customer well. Teams need to:

  • Ask for the right information at the right time
  • Interact with one or more representatives of the prospective customer
  • Quote a competitive price while maximising its profit potential
  • Create and give a business-winning presentation to the prospective customer
  • Design, build, test and demonstrate its own solution to the customer’s problem

All the elements have to come together to maximise the chances of eventual success.

Dropzone offers a great mix of fun and focused team building for sales people and customer service staff.  Its sales-oriented scenario combines brilliantly with a competitive team building activity to deliver something that everyone enjoys.

Dropzone is great for helping new sales and frontline staff understand the selling process. And even the most experienced of sales people usually find something that can help them become more effective in the field.

Team building for sales people is a hands-on affair!


  • Size: Best with groups between 6 and 60 people
  • Time: From 3 hours to a day
  • Venue: Completely mobile, can run entirely indoors but can also take advantage of venue grounds and good weather, requires extra space for prototype construction and the dropzone itself


Checking the materials available
Teams often have very exotic designs
Great prototypes in this team building for sales people option
Nothing beats the feeling of a successful design