First Contact


  • High tech & great fun
  • Project management focus
  • Colourful, giant maze!
  • Varied challenges

Set in the near future, teams compete and collaborate to make First Contact with an alien intelligence that wants to test the human race to see if we are ready to join the intergalactic community. This is high tech team building at it’s finest.

Together with their robots, teams set about cracking intergalactic puzzles, learning and showing off their astro-navigational skills, moonwalking and a whole lot more.

This is a unique and engaging activity that delivers real team development and is great fun for all participants. Teams have to create plans that deal with unexpected challenges, tackle a wide variety of tasks to get a competitive edge and finally put their plans into action against one another.

High Tech Team Building

Bring your team building into the modern age. First Contact:

  • Uses technology in an innovative way that appeals to all
  • Delivers genuine workplace improvements
  • Simulates real team issues in a safe and enjoyable environment to stimulate individual and team learning
  • Extracts maximum learning as a focused team action plan is generated for immediate use

How teams get on at the mix of physical, cerebral, creative and hand-on tasks determine the amount of time advantage their robot gets in the maze over the other teams. Just like in real life, teams need to combine effort and skill to maximise their chances of coming out on top.

This high tech team building activity finishes with a great finale.  Each robot uses the time earned to be the first to find it’s way round the maze and earn the right to represent humanity. Exciting times!

First Contact high tech team building activity


  • Size: Best with groups between 6 and 60 people
  • Time: From 2 hours to a day
  • Venue: Completely mobile, can run entirely indoors but can also take advantage of venue grounds and good weather, requires extra space for the maze and the physical activities


Our high tech tecm building robots love their maze!
Teams start to plan their activity
Borg cube bashing is all part of the fun!
Mapping the maze in this high tech team building option