• Absorbing and appreciated
  • Learning-focused
  • Strategic
  • Hands-on
  • Varied challenges

Expect the unexpected as you are transported into one of the most realistic and involving team development activities you will ever have the opportunity to test yourself against.

A "smash and grab" raid on a research laboratory has gone wrong. 10 people have been taken hostage. Their only chance of salvation is – you!

Team development and a fascinating scenario

Liberation is a unique and exciting simulation, the like of which you will not have experienced before. A fascinating dialogue with the hostage takers and a series of tasks stand between you and success. Your team processes and team spirit will be challenged like never before and you’ll leave a more effective team for the experience.

  • Delivers genuine workplace improvements
  • Simulates real workplace pressures, combining total involvement and relevant learning outcomes
  • Extracts maximum learning from a powerful debriefing process that generates a focused team action plan

Activities that deliver real team development need to offer something more. They need challenges that demand the same kind of team approach and processes that are needed at work. That provides context so that the debriefing process is relevant and useful. They also need to be enjoyable and engage all participants. So they need to be different to whatever the team does in real life.

Liberation gets that blend spot on. It’s unusual scenario challenges and enagages everyone. That same scenario tests team processes and reactions. So it also offers the ideal platform for team development.

If you want genuine team improvements, fun, involvement, something different and something that your participants will talk about for years to come, you need liberating. But don’t worry …

Liberation is at hand.

Team development that is absorbing and compelling


  • Size: From 3 people up - no upper limit
  • Time: From 1 to 2 days
  • Venue: Completely mobile, an indoors activity that can have a small amount outdoors in good weather, requires a seating table plus a small table and (ideally) a flip chart per team


Having fun watching and listening to live discussions
Successful team development looks like this at the construction challenge
CSI like analysis of the people involved within the scenario delivers problem solving team development
Sniper training in Liberation