• Learn bar flair skills
  • Create special cocktails
  • Run a thriving bar
  • Improve financial awareness

When you want a session with some real flavour, why not try a full-bodied simulation with a great business focus? In a Romanbar session, product sampling isn’t the only aspect that involves the participants!

A fabulous option that mixes business with pleasure. Your teams will run wine bars within the Romanbar franchise family. They’ll compete with one another to run the best bar and also collaborate to win overall market share.

This offers a great business focus that matches your own organisation’s need to combine competition within groups and collaboration between them to maximise your outcomes.

A business focus with decisions, skills and fun!

As teams make their business decisions, their deliberations are computer analysed and the results fed back on a ‘weekly’ basis in the form of financial statements and general information on the state of the business.

But no business or service is only about facts and figures, of course. It’s also about knowledge, skill and application. Many people remain engrossed with the cerebral challenge that the business focus of the simulation presents from start to finish. Yet everyone finds time for the laughter-generating fun tasks too!

  • Learn bar flair from our specialist trainer
  • Learn to mix special layered cocktails
  • Volunteer for your bar’s cheese rolling team and take on the other bars
  • Your new-found expertise converts prospective customers into revenue
  • Have a fantastic time and take away real team improvements. Brilliant!

Most groups choose to offer prizes to the winning team. It doesn’t have to be, but prizes for guessing the usual choice. Wine, of course!

Learning bar flair skills along with the business focus of the simulation is great fun


  • Size: From 6 people up - no upper limit
  • Time: From 2 hours to a day
  • Venue: Completely mobile, can run entirely indoors but can also take advantage of venue grounds and good weather, requires extra space for physical activities


Happy cocktail makers
The business focus involved im making decisions is at the heart of the activity
With good weather, outdoor fun includes bar flair learning
Karaoke adds to a great atmosphere throughout and complements the business focus nicely