Wild West


  • Great mix of fun and learning
  • Strategic base
  • Competition and collaboration
  • Brilliant finale

We’ll take you back in time and across the world to the late 1800s of the American Old West. You’ll run a Wild West town and learn gunslinging skills so you can keep the law.

But that’s not the half of it! This is a fantastic option for any sized group. You’ll combine running the town with so many fun things from that time and place.

Ever been gold panning? You will here. Ever hunted buffalo? You will here. Ever broken into a vault? You will here. Ever made a wigwam? You will here. Ever created a thaumotrope? Yes, such a thing really exists…

The Wild West Town With No Name

Each team runs a town (that they also get to name!) in the same region as the other teams. They compete with one another to attract the right sort of people and they work together to help the region better the performance of the other (computer controlled) regions. It’s a brilliant mix of competition and collaboration and it’s set in the Wild West!

  • Strap on a real Western holster, pick up a very special rubber Colt 45 replica and you’re ready to enforce the law in your town – we’ll teach you gunplay from the movies
  • Pan for real gold using our real gold pans
  • Create a wigwam village with our realistic Native American kits
  • Have a fantastic time and take away real team improvements

Wild West has probably the strongest in-built theme, allowing you to "brand" your wider event with it as well if you wish. For example, many a client has added a BBQ to their proceedings and people always love dressing up for the occasion too!

Altogether now – Yee Ha!

Wild West quick draw fun


  • Size: From 6 people up - no upper limit
  • Time: From 2 hours to 2 days
  • Venue: Completely mobile, can run entirely indoors but can also take advantage of venue grounds and good weather, requires extra space for physical activities


Inclusive team building image
Having fun panning for gold
Gunslinging is the highlight for most people in the Wild West!
Bucking Broncos are an optional extra